Yoga Classes

        Please note: We do not offer drop in or trial sessions

                 There are 2 spaces available for new the block

                 beginning 27th March '24    

 In Venue Classes: 

 Wednesday  6 - 7pm              Pause class                 This class has 2 spaces available

 This class offers an incredibly gentle restorative practice that has little movement.

 The class is particularly introspective and nurturing with a mix of yin yoga, restorative yoga, sound,   longer meditations and breath practices. We offer a more frequent yoga nidra practice too.

 This is your class if you want to rest deeply, taking precious moments to turn inward and pause from     the outside world for 60 minutes. 

 Wednesday 7.15 - 8.15pm    Hatha Fusion              This class has 0 spaces available

 This class offers a little more heat with a Hatha & Hatha Flow practice that we often fuse with a touch of   Tai Chi, Qi Gong and various other movement forms, along with a breath and meditation practice.

 Thursday 6 - 7pm                   Hatha Fusion Light    This class has 0 space available

 This class is perfect if you are a beginner to yoga or simply fancy a lighter, practice. We tend to believe   that the harder we 'yoga' in our asana practice the better it is, that isn't so my friends! A lighter asana   practice can be just as fulfilling mentally and physically as a not so light practice.

 Thursday 7.15 - 8.15pm        Hatha Fusion              This class has 1 space available

 This class repeats the Hatha Wednesday class by offering a little more heat with a Hatha & Hatha Flow   practice that we often fuse with a little Tai Chi and various other movement forms, along with a breath   and meditation practice.

 ZOOM Online Classes:

 Thursday's Hatha Fusion Light is streamed live for those who prefer their practice at home. These   classes are for previous or current 'in studio' yogis or their family/friends. 

 £30 (pre paid) for a 6 week block of 1 class.

**Provided you listen to your body and the instructor, all classes are   suitable for beginners.

 We keep our classes small to ensure a little more individual attention & intimacy, therefore all classes   are currently a maximum of 11.  


 1. There are no refunds on classes.

 2. Your payment is for 6 weeks regardless of whether you've been able to attend each week.

 3. There may be an opportunity to join another class or online if you've been unable to make your regular class however, this cannot         be guaranteed.

 4. Classes cannot be 'carried over'.

 5. Your 6 week payment reserves your space for that 6 week period only. If you choose not to pay for your usual 6 weeks (perhaps               you're away or can't make classes for other reasons) then your space becomes available to any wait list or enquiry.



Tuesday.            Yoga/Reiki/Sound           07.30 - 11am    Private Clients.    

Tuesday             Yin Yoga                        18:00 - 19:00    The Box Moor Trust Centre  *this class hasn't returned yet


Wednesday        Pause                             18:00 - 19:00    The Box Moor Trust Centre  


Wednesday        Hatha Fusion                  19:15 - 20:15     The Box Moor Trust Centre


Thursday          Beginner & Light           18:00 - 19:00    The Box Moor Trust Centre    (live streamed to your home)


Thursday          Hatha Fusion                  19:15- 20:15     The Box Moor Trust Centre    

Friday  a.m.      Yoga/Reiki/Sound          07.30-11am      Private Clients    


SavingGraceYoga classes are pre paid in blocks of 6 at £8.50 per session totalling £51  (this does not include private/corporate clients) with the £1 from each person going to a local charity. 

Private Yoga sessions are booked and pre-paid in advance at £45 per hour.

Private Reiki sessions are booked and pre-paid in advance at £35per hour.

Private Sound therapy sessions are booked pre-paid an advance at £45 per hour.

*There are no refunds on private sessions if you cancel less than 24hrs in advance however, I will always do my absolute best to rearrange the session for another day/time within that week, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Venue for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Evening Classes

The Box Moor Trust Centre

London Road, Hemel Hempstead

Herts, HP1 2RE

We are very blessed to practice our Hatha Fusion, Pause & Hatha LIght yoga in this beautifully calm and tranquil space.

Free parking is available onsite.

The Box Moor Trust Centre is situated just off the A41 on the  old London Road in Hemel Hempstead.