My goal as a yoga teacher is to have no goal...I just want to teach authentically from my heart with love, strength, compassion and understanding. To assist you and be with you in empowering, accepting, loving and understanding yourself through this wonderful, beautiful practice (and to have fun!).


It's important to be aware that if what you’re looking for in a yoga teacher is a super bendy Sweaty Betty clad Instagram goddess that is going to push you into pretzel type shapes (how do they even get their limbs into those places) you’re not going to get that in our yoga classes.

Don’t get me wrong it would be awesome to be able to get into some of those amazing poses, and if your body allows it and you want to do that in our class then total high five to you, I can teach you, but my body isn't happy to go there and yoga is about honouring and respecting your body, so that's what I do :) Handstand Scorpion will have to wait ... a long time!

Please, do keep in mind that it's more important to move for your body, not for the image.



I've dipped in and out of Yoga my whole adult life but began to make it a permanent and regular practice about 9 years ago after being bitten by a Tick who thought it would be awesome to give me Lyme disease (insect-borne disease transmitted by ticks - keep your socks on when out walking!!)


Lyme can be pretty debilitating and I realised I needed a gentle practice that would improve my health and immune system through a mind body spirit approach, in came yoga ... once again.


After 2 years of practicing and studying yoga every day, alongside attending classes with some wonderful teachers locally, nationally and internationally the realisation landed that if yoga can make this much difference to me (I was pretty poorly) it could be beneficial for others.

I undertook Yoga Teacher Training over 8 years ago, qualifying with a distinction. 

In addition to the YTT I studied a further 6 months of Breathwork and Meditation techniques, added a Zen yoga teacher training in early 2018. In 2019 ,2 further teacher trainings with the amazing Sarah Lo, gaining Yin Yoga advanced teaching qualifications. 

I've also been lucky enough to study the ancient art of Pranayama with Phillip Xerri. 

Reiki second degree achieved in 2020.

Gong sound training with About Gong in 2022

First Aid trained. Member of CIMSPA. Fully insured.


My enthusiasm and passion for yoga and meditation could be infectious or annoying dependant on your point of view. My sons find it annoying but then they find most things annoying so are a barometer for not much! Yoga makes me feel better it really is that simple, it calms and focuses the mind, strengthens and energises the body - it helps. It's not a panacea for all, but it is for a lot, for me anyway and I'm sure for anyone that maintains a regular practice.